Michael Baird

I'm usually pretty easy to get hold of, here's how I use different channels to communicate with people and how best to contact me.

I get a huge amount of communications so this page lists the channels I use and how I like to use them. I'll usually respond to all legitimate comms, there's an outline down the bottom of what I probably won't respond to so please read that first.

Email: info at

This is the easiest way if you want to reach out and I can usually respond pretty promptly.

Twitter: @MikeBairdRocks

This is my primary means of broadcasting things to the world so please follow me there. I do read my DMs and allow them from people I don't follow, but would prefer email if you're reaching out from the blue about something. I don't see every mention so you may not get a reply via a public tweet.

LinkedIn: MikeBairdRocks

My background is pretty well covered for the last couple of decades there. I accept connections from people I've met, worked with, spoken with or otherwise had enough interaction to feel that I can call them a professional contact. I don't respond to requests from people I don't know.

What I may not respond to

I try and respond to technical queries but would prefer you try asking on Stack Overflow first.

If your message doesn't explicitly look like it needs a response or it's vague or not clear what the purpose is, you may not hear back from me.